Leroy’s Place invites you to step through the frame of our original artwork and into a world where loveable monsters, playful dragons and even your favorite foods come to life in the form of puppetry, short films and interactive installations. Have you ever wondered what pickled rainbows taste like, or wanted to make friends with unicorns made from dirty socks? Have you ever fed a piece of pizza to a hungry tree? Let Leroy’s Place characters take you on these adventures and more.


Our puppetry projects bring the narrative of Leroy’s Place to life using reclaimed materials, hand-dyed fabrics and a bit of magic. Visit our YouTube Channel to view past productions and films, and follow along on our events page to see when we’ll be performing live.

Puppeteers posing with a 15 foot tall swamp monster puppet holding a cardboard smart phone


Peek over the shoulder and into the mind of a giant swamp monster as she scrolls through a crafted monster universe on her cardboard smartphone.  Written and Directed by Jacques Duffourc in collaboration with Leroy’s Place, this live puppetry experiment will be performed in the New Orleans area through 2024.

Funded in part by the Antenna Platforms Fund, Ashé Cultural Center, Junebug Productions, and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

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