Fuzzy, Hand-Knit Monster Hat Collaboration

BrooklynNew Orleans

We love collaborating with artists from all over the world to curate the unique, handmade art and gifts at Leroy’s Place, and we’re most excited when we get to work with our fellow monster makers! When we met Javier and Patricia and saw their line of fuzzy hand knit monster hats, we knew we had to find a way to join creative forces. We were psyched when they invited us to design a collection of exclusive hats based on original Leroy’s Place monsters, and after a year in the making they’re finally here!



Just in time for winter’s arrival (and for those of us too sad to say goodbye to spooky season), the full line of monster hats–including three exclusive Leroy’s Place characters–have landed at the shop. Made from synthetic alpaca, these hats are 100% washable for wearing all throughout the colder months.



If you’re excited like we are to have another way to experience the Leroy’s Place narrative beyond the canvas, you can now grab Fronda, Ralf or Lomo off the canvas and pop them on your head! In addition to our original monsters, we’re also carrying one-eyed purple people eaters, shaggy orange creatures and *many* more.



Javier and Patricia–both Peruvian born–partner with their network of skilled Peruvian knitters to create their line of wacky, sculptural hats. Designs and yarn are distributed to head knitters and family groups who live in Lima’s outlying communities. They also travel to mountain towns to distribute the yarn in community centers, and travel door to door to mainly women knitters who have expert and intricate hand knitting skills. Groups of knitters will get together in their community centers to exchange knitting methods and, with the support of the government and nonprofit organizations, master knitters will visit to teach the groups the best and latest techniques for mastering their craft.


Javier and Patricia’s awesome, symbiotic and equitable business helps to preserve native traditions and to support local artisans and their families. We are honored to have partnered with them to bring this project to life.